Customs assistance

Although most declarations are currently released within several hours after their submission to the customs authority, there may be cases where various questions / requests / misunderstanding by customs authorities occur. There are also procedures for actual customs control (mobile inspection & examination complex/weighing/examination) which are assigned within the framework of the automatic customs risk management system. All these factors may have a significant impact on the timing of declaration release.

We offer comprehensive support for your company at the customs. This will greatly simplify your communications with the customs authorities, save you nerve cells and help you save time and resources. You can also count on:

– Priority and full control of weighing, mobile inspection & examination complex and examination;

– Two representatives of our company during each examination to control all possible nuances of its performance, arrangement and control of operational load-lifting work, ensuring goods safety, photo and video examination reports;

– Ensuring the fastest possible communication in the “inspector-declarant” format to address possible issues / misunderstanding of the customs authority in the priority mode;

– Good reputation of Importex customs broker at EAEC customs authorities and Vladivostok customs authorities, in particular, works in your favour.