Certification of Goods

Given legislative changes in the order and procedure of certification schemes of various types of products, the issue of quality and inexpensive certification of goods is very important, because the market for these services is not always stable, and many of its players do not feature reliability and reasonable prices. Within the framework of these services our company has the following distinctive features:

– Cooperation only with reliable, time-proven partners in the field of certification, including provision of preferential price levels for most operations in this field;

– Guarantee of the stated deadlines and cost of obtaining necessary certification documents;

– Issuance of only those documents that are necessary to the client on specific goods according to actual technical regulations, including submission of all test reports and without forcing to the client to receive unnecessary documents and operations that lead to additional expenses;

– Declaration of product samples for research and testing purposes for certification, documentation of the correctness of the transfer of these samples to the testing laboratory;

– Active practical application of the procedure of conditional release of goods to ensure certification provision within 45 days after the release, thus allowing the client to avoid a delay in the shipment of goods while the tests are underway to certify its products;

– Registration of equipment for the organization’s own needs without submission of permitting documents;

– Continuous monitoring and tracking of innovations and changes in the EAEC technical regulations;

– Advising the client on all key issues in this field and arranging receipt of the voluntary certification documents in the case a product is not subject to certification.