Outsourcing of foreign economic activity

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity implies that the client does not bear material costs of employing a foreign economic activity manager and saves its personal time, thus eliminating the need to immerse himself in these issues personally. For these purposes, the client concludes a contract with our company to arrange outsourcing of foreign economic activity. As a part of these services, the client gets at his disposal a personal manager who takes over the entire arrangement of the client’s foreign economic activity with the coordination of their actions, yet at the same time fully taking on communication with a foreign partner, logistics arrangement and customs clearance. Depending on the client’s wishes, such manager can either be fully engaged and keep each work stage of a specialist in foreign economic activity under control, or completely withdraw from these issues, remaining only an outside observer. This work scheme provides for close interaction with other functional departments and employees of the client’s company (lawyer, accounting and supply departments, etc.) to save its time resources.

The manager has high communication skills, is capable of conducting a dialogue in foreign languages and reacting quickly and tackling possible issues, while coordinating its actions with the client, so that no cost item could be a surprise to such manager. The manager also carries out full preparation of all necessary documents, applications, contracts, etc. at each stage of delivery. The function of the client is only to give an order and to monitor and evaluate the achieved result.