Customs clearance

Professional customs clearance services mean that customs clearance is completed within the shortest possible timeframe with a minimum involvement of the client. In the field of customs clearance services, our company is distinguished through the following benefits:

– Each of our customs clearance agents (declarant) has a work experience in the customs. Furthermore, each of them is certified in this professional field, has the relevant accreditation certificate and regularly upgrades his qualification;

– Preliminary full check of the client’s documentation for both minor errors and material non-conformances to the requirements of the customs legislation. If necessary, we coordinate with the client making corrections in the documents by our company to save the client’s time and speed the customs clearance;

– Active implementation of PPT (Preliminary Product Information) and PGI (Preliminary Goods Information);

– Assignment of the most beneficial yet correct HS code to achieve the least expensive customs clearance today and to avoid any problems within the customs follow-up control later;

– Check and assistance in preparing a technical description for the client’s goods;

– Competent description of the goods and filling in all fields of the customs declaration in accordance with all the rules allow to have a significant number of our declarations registered and issued fully automatically within a few minutes;

– Regular monitoring of our statistical customs-related performance indicators for the purpose of quality control and continuous improvement (for instance, the average period of customs declaration release is currently 1.5 days from the submitting date);

– Keeping the client fully informed of all stages and progress of the customs clearance (submission plan/customs declaration submission/request from the customs authority/actual control/ release of customs declaration) with clear indication of date and time.