Dealing with low customs value

The issue of customs clearance of goods of low customs value has always been relevant for both clients and brokers. It is by no means less relevant now. While many companies still scare the client with securities, long and cumbersome procedures to prove the value and even longer repayment funds, thus motivating the client to work by “grey” schemes, our company actively promotes and proves the fact that its real value should always be defended and proved in customs, while the direct work scheme is the most profitable one in all respects. We give a 100% guarantee that, subject to an adequate set of documents and the transaction feasibility, the client’s value will be proved, while possible securities will be repaid to the client without particular issues. As a part of the operations to prove the value at the customs, our company offers the full range of the following services:

– Preliminary analysis of a set of foreign trade documents possessed by the client for compliance with the customs legislation, inconsistencies in the nature and individual aspects and nuances of each specific transaction, including indication of the items that should be excluded, added or adjusted for successful proof of value;

– Assistance in preparing documents requested by the customs in terms of additional verification of the goods value and also full support and preparation of response to this request, while the client’s task is only to prepare its internal requested documents in accordance with our instructions and under our control;

– Coverage of security amounts through a bank guarantee of the customs broker, which, from the client’s perspective, is equal to the release of goods below risk without security;

– Response to additional customs inspection and agreeing on the value within the 10-day period of release of goods and subsequent release of goods without security and fund freezing;

– Full client support at all stages dealing with the value that is below the customs risk: release without security / release with security and the subsequent response to additional inspection / return of security to the company’s current account / representing the client in court in case of rejection to confirm the declared value by the customs authority – in 100% of cases, we bring the case to prove the value and return the security;

– Providing the client’s company with a “green status” after 1 or 2 deliveries below the risk with proof of value. Once the value is proven, all subsequent deliveries of the client do not require a second proof of value.