Legal services

In the course of the work in the field of foreign economic activity, the client constantly faces issues and situations of varying levels of complexity which require engagement the legal service qualified for foreign economic activity, be it the simplest nuances regarding preparation of documents or serious disputes concerning relationships with the customs authorities. Within the framework of this complex of services our company carries out:

– Preparation of templates of foreign trade documents for the client, assistance in their preparation and full verification of the client’s already existing documents, recommendations on their editing in accordance with the regulations of the customs legislation and features of foreign trade transactions, and also nuances important for the client when dealing with a particular supplier (import, export, re-export, temporary import, etc.);

– Repayment of the client’s funds from the account with the customs authority to the bank settlement account;

– Services for challenging decisions/actions of the customs authorities in court;

– Representation of the client’s interests in administrative violation cases, appeal against punishment0imposing decisions;

– Challenging actions of the customs officials in accordance the departmental control order;

– Preparation of sets of documents for amending previously issued customs declarations;

– Arrangement of obtaining preliminary classification decisions on goods at the customs authorities;

– Arrangement of obtaining the client’s electronic digital signature for customs declaration purposes;

– Conducting negotiations with trademark owners to obtain import permits for the goods marked with the trademarks registered with the intellectual property registers.